Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Single Review: Up All Night ~ THE WIRED

Sheffield based quartet The Wired (comprised of Caleb Smelt, Jacob Beaumont, Richard May and Max Smith) have seemingly been a little quiet over the course of 2017, but the concluding half of the year thus far has seen them cascade back onto the scene in colossal style with a string of titanic live appearances across the country, and a brand new studio release in the form of the catchy and compelling 'Up All Night'.

The track seamlessly detonates with jaunty riffage and emphatic drum cadences. Energetic, edgy and articulated from the word go, 'Up All Night' is an unwaveringly resolute display of indie-rock n' roll at its' absolute finest. It's dexterously defined by a cool, harmoniously buoyant vocal verve, and is packed full of zealously beat-driven melodic mystique. Definitely the bands' finest offering to date.

'Up All Night' is available from Friday 24th November via all major music platforms. The band are set to play a mammoth hometown headline gig at Plug on Saturday 2nd December. Tickets available here.

Listen to The Wired below:

Where to find them...
Facebook: /thewiredsheffield


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  4. At last, some fresh material from one of my favorite groups. I like the atmosphere that THE WIRED creates in their songs.