Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Festival Review: TRAMLINES 2017 DAY ONE, Sheffield ~ 21.07.17

I think it's safe to say that Tramlines 2017 was the gift that just kept on giving. This was my fourth year in attendance at the Sheffield inner city music festival, and I managed to see more bands than ever before in some of the citys' most impressive independant venues. The festival is always the highlight of my year, and not just because of the bands themselves and their performances but the friendly and relaxed atmosphere as a whole; I always bump into so many friends, and I always walk away with at least one new favourite band to rave about. That's the inexplicable beauty of a music festival.

The Garage Flowers
My weekend began at the Frog & Parrot with a band I've been dying to see for months. Hailing from Essex, Breed are an eclectic grunge-punk force to be reckoned with and gave an exceedingly atmospheric performance, lead by snarling vocals and laced with searing melodics.

Next came The Americas, and where do I begin apart from to say that I am 100% in love with this band and everything that they do. I've managed to catch them live four times in the last couple of months and their performances are always nothing short of breathtaking. For a three-piece, they have such a gargantuan stage presence and present an energetic, shimmering sound and upbeat aura which commands attention from their audience from thrilling start to gratifying finish.

The Americas
Kashmere almost certainly have an intriguing yet endearing quality to them, and never fail to impress with their creative and infectious blend of indie-pop. Soaring riffs and a cool, confident vocal flair resulted in them breezing through a set packed full of vivifying and intelligent crowd pleasers, thus sealing their place as one of the most exciting new acts on the block.

The band I was most excited to see this year, was undoubtedly the achingly cool The Garage Flowers. By the time I arrived at the Three Cranes Hotel for their performance, I was quite literally jumping up and down (much to the amusement of frontman Joe, I think!) with excitement. These guys have it all; a flair for witty and intelligent songcraft, infectious hooks and a kooky image to match. Despite being given a terrible mix on stage, which the band had asked to be changed on numerous occasions. and their set being unfairly cut short due to timing issues, the quartet powered through it in spectacular fashion with immense spirit and dynamism. They bring an unforged element of fun and eccentricity to everything they do, making it all the more frustrating that they were treated so badly by those responsible for overseeing this stage of the event. However, with Joe drinking just enough to make himself be sick on the pool table in valiant protest, I think it's pretty safe to say that they got their revenge. All of that aside, I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw and I cannot wait to see them again soon.

The Garage Flowers

Part Two coming soon...


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