Thursday, 18 May 2017

Single Review: Call Me When It's Over ~ BAYONET

Bayonet are the Sheffield based four-piece made up of Vince Ringrose, Danny Higgins, Lewis Cain and Sam Chapman. Their effortless capability to craft infectious and energetic indie-pop anthems has earned them a legion of fans and high-profile live appearances, and now the band are back with an yet another dynamic single release in the form of 'Call Me When It's Over'.

It's easy to find yourself being completely carried away by the charmingly buoyancy and harmoniously radiant tonal euphony of 'Call Me When It's Over'. Bayonet truly are the masters of shimmering soundscapes and stylish songcraft. Complete with a dreamy melodic ease and exuberance, coalesced with a smooth vocal splendor and an all around feelgood vibe, this song has character and spirit by the bucketload.

'Call Me When It's Over' is out now. Check out the official music video below:

How to find them...
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @bayonetofficial

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