Sunday, 5 March 2017

Single Review: Fantasy Machine ~ THE STRAWBERRIES

The Strawberries are the Leeds based quartet made up of Sam Neil, Joe Dines, Ben Heath and Ethan Sherwin. Eclectic in both style and sound, they have become known and loved for their unexampled blend of psychadelic rock and exciting live performances. Over recent years, they've performed alongside the likes of Blossoms, Hidden Charms and The Vryll Society and have played to sold out audiences up and down the country. Picked to be "Big In 2017" by the legendary This Feeling, their success looks set to continue this year... and the newly released 'Fantasy Machine' is an absolutely stunning display of just how brilliant this band are.

A frenzy of transcendent and salient riffs from start to finish, this track most definitely makes for riveting listening. With its gripping tonal swirls and sonorously dulcet vocal verve, it's easy to lose yourself in the suspenseful, hypnotic qualities of it all; it is that complex and mesmerizing aura that I have come to love about each and every one of their releases thus far. 'Fantasy Machine' is invigorating and exciting in abundance, and exudes an almost otherworldy beauty which sets it apart from anything else I've ever heard.

You can listen to 'Fantasy Machine' below:

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