Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Live Review: EDGAR DUKE/ RAMONA ROSE/ THE POTENZAS @ Oporto, Leeds ~ 21.02.17

There's nothing better to act as a little midweek pick-me-up than a really great gig, and this particular one was special in that it was a charity event- so not only were those attending able to enjoy a night full of homegrown musical talent, they were also doing their bit to help Save The Children, a fantastic organisation based in the UK aiming to assist children in times of crisis. Musically the three bands on the line up were incredibly different and brought together a wide variety of genres, which definitely spiced things up and helped to make it a night like no other.

The Potenzas opened proceedings with their impressive, quintissentially British rock and roll styling; their well executed and intrepid instrumentation, coupled with plenty of swagger and on-stage chemistry made for a truly striking and memorable performance. Their set was dynamic from the word go, and was defined by ludic guitar vivacity and unwaveringly stalwart vocal prowess.

The Potenzas
This was my second time seeing Ramona Rose in a matter of weeks and as always, leading lady Sam and her incredible band delivered a note-perfect set full of charming and euphonious Americana-rock anthems, delivered with her usual bluesy tinted edge and impressively transcendant vocals. There's an endearingly authentic element of relatability within her lyrics, with Ramona declaring that her songs are almost always either 'About a boy or about a girl that I hate.' One thing is for certain; Ramona Rose definitely know how to turn every live performance into an extravagant show, and with each and every track packing some serious punch, they truly are one of the most exciting acts emerging from Leeds at the moment.

Ramona Rose
A high-powered frenzy of deliciously upbeat musical eccentricty from the word go, Edgar Duke are undoubtedly one of the most flamboyant bands I have ever seen and I honestly don't think I could ever tire of seeing them live; their music exudes a playful vibrancy, complete with trenchant guitar hooks and playfully melodious vocals. What I love about them is that they don't take themselves too seriously, and their charismatic blend of fervent indie-pop is toe-tappingly brilliant. With their awesome talent for intelligent songcraft and the exhuberant live show for which they have become renowned for, 2017 is set to be an exciting year for them.

Edgar Duke
One thing I must point out is that Oporto is a venue that can always be relied upon for impressive sound and lighting at gigs, as well as an all around relaxing and fun atmosphere. Live music always encourages a real sense of equality and togetherness, and the fact that all three acts on tonights' bill were Leeds based only amplified the warm reception to their performaces.  

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