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An Interview With SOUNDS LIKE A STORM ~ 26.02.17

Sounds Like A Storm are the Leeds based rock and roll quartet made up of Sennen Ludman, Joseph Schofield, Cormac Connelly and Connor 'Cornish' Passey. With confidence and swagger aplenty plus talent and authenticity by the bucketload, these guys most certainly have a huge future ahead of them. Their debut single 'Emission' was solid proof of their incredible potential and received hugely positive feedback from fans and media outlets alike when it was released last month.

Despite only having been together just under a year, they have an incredibly articulated sound and their electrifying live performances have seen them secure support slots with the likes of Glass Caves and King No-One. For such a young band, they have such a fantastic work ethic and are clearly in their element when presented with the opportunity to perform live. This, coupled with their determination, enthusiasm and passion for music will undoubtedly see them going far in the future.

I spoke with the band prior to their performance at Leeds' Oporto in support of fellow Yorkshire based band, The Gallery...

How did it all begin for you guys? How and when did you meet and initially start the band?
Sennen: Around about April last year. We had a band at school, and it was just me, Cornish and Cormac.
Joe: Not me!
Sennen: Not him. He came to watch us at the o2, and he came up to me asking for a singer to join his band. I was like 'No, we're too good for that sort of thing and I can't leave these!' but I just said that we needed a new drummer. He literally came for one practise, and now we can't get rid of him!

Was there something in paticular that made you want to pursue a career in music or did you just always grow up with it in your life and feel inspired that way?
Cornish: Sennen just came up to us and asked if we wanted to start a band.
Sennen: It was just one of those things really... I asked them if they could play an instrument and wanted to start a band, and we just took it from there. We're all really into music.
Joe: It was mainly after the Honey Arcade gig, because that was our first proper gig and it just gave us that confidence.

In terms of your creative process, would you say you have a particular way of doing things in terms of whether the lyrics or the melody come first... and is there a primary songwriter?
(Everyone points to Sennen)
Sennen: I do the lyrics!
Joe: I do the backing vocals! Well I make the backing vocals and Cornish steals them from me because I'm not allowed a mic...
Cornish: He tells me what to sing and I sing it.
Sennen: I just write some lyrics and I play an E minor cord on capo 4. I'll strum that, then Cornish will add a bassline, Joe adds the beat and Cormac adds a riff. It's like a cognitive machine now that keeps getting faster and faster!
Joe: Every Wednesday when we go to the studio, there's a new song!

Do you think that, within the music industry, there is an element of artists (particularly those at the forefront of the media) dumbing songs down lyrically in an attempt to make them more commercially appealing?
Sennen: Definitely. Without a doubt. They need to grow some bollocks! People are just too scared these days.
Joe: I think it's because it's based on your character and the band, people have got fake images and don't actually associate with the crowd.
Sennen: It's like they'll write a song and go 'Right, this will get radio airplay and the money will roll in,' where as we don't give a toss about all of that and we much prefer the live scene. We just want to make songs to make people lose their shit.

So would you say that you find it quite easy to translate the music that you're writing and recording into the live setting?
Sennen: Yeah, definitely. I would say that we're a better live band than in the studio.
Cornish: We recorded 'Emission' as a live take.
Joe: It's because we're not musicians! We just like making noise on a stage and see the crowd dance!
Sennen: We're just four scruffs playing shit.

Tell me a funny fact or memory about someone else in the band...
Joe: I always drop my sticks live. That's one thing!
Cornish: In every single set! 
Sennen: Anything Cornish! If you want something funny, then just picture him!
Cormac: I threw him through a drum set. 
Sennen: In the early days, he was the drummer... this was when it was just the three of us and we had nothing. I wouldn't sing or anything, it was just the guitar. Cornish played the drums and when he wouldn't play once, and Cormac just picked him up, lost his shit and just threw him through the drum kit!
Joe: Anything for Sennen?
Sennen: No...
Joe: He can have one lager and he's fucked.
Sennen: It's not my fault I can be cheap and get pissed! I don't mind that!
Joe: The night ends early for you! What about Cormac? Cormac is just mysterious, that's all there is to him.
Cornish: And sensible.
Sennen: He's the sensible one.
Joe: Cornish is the twat.
Sennen: Joe's just there...
Joe: I'm Joe and I'm the oldest.
Sennen: He's the one when you've got tickets to sell, you give the money to him because he's the older one. He'll probably rob you though. He's had me a couple of times!

What would you say has been the most memorable gig of your musical careers so far and why?
Sennen: I would say supporting King No-One at The Wardrobe. We were the first support on and the crowd were just insane. We gained so much from that experience.
Joe: I'd say the best gig was about 6 months ago when we played Middleton Bar!
Sennen: We'll leave that there! God bless Old Chapel for giving us that gig though.
Joe: It just shows where we were 6 months ago though. That gig got us where we are.
Cormac: It was our first ever live performance.
Joe: It took us about 3 months to even get a gig. We grafted, and then we got one.

You have a huge headline show at The Wardrobe in Leeds in March... do you have anything special planned for that? 
Sennen: I'd like to say we have, but lets just say it's a secret! I reckon the biggest thing there is having The Time Sellers on as support because they are amazing. Forget coming to see us!
Joe: We're getting a blow up doll. We went to a gig the other night and the security guy was so impressed! There was a blow up doll and he was just stood there pissing himself! And we were just like 'That's what WE need!'
Sennen: We've already been warned no inflatables, which is a shame...
Joe: I'll get my nipples out...
Sennen: He probably will! Whips his shirt off... drops his stick while he's at it...

If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do?
Sennen: I would probably go to a club so that I could get in! I actually would do that. I'd sneak behind the bar, get my beer and then I'd just sit there on my own listening to the music. I'd go to Verve Bar because that's a cracking bar.
Joe: I'd sneak into a festival and then when I turned un-invisible, I'd already be in!
Sennen: Joe would probably do something awful to me.
Joe: No, it'd be Cornish.
Sennen: Yeah! I'd probably shave his head.
Cormac: Or burn his coat!
Joe: I'd give him a tattoo. For all the abuse I got for mine, that's what I'd do.

Is Cornish the one who bears the brunt of the abuse from the rest of you then? 
Sennen: It is probably him more than anyone, yeah. It goes in the order we're stood in really... Cornish, Joe, me...
Joe: No one would dare start on Cormac!

Would you rather be a wizard or a Pokemon trainer?
Sennen: Wizard.
Joe: A wizard because you can cast spells! But then if you're a Pokemon trainer you can just throw Pokemon at people...
Sennen: I'd do mind tricks on everyone.
Joe: Cornish would get bullied even more if he was a wizard! 
Sennen: If you've got your own broom, you could just be off flying!
Joe: We could all be wizards and have a game of Quidditch...

What would you say sets you apart from other guitar bands on the scene at then moment?
Sennen: Rock and roll.
Joe: It's like Sennen always says... there's nothing new about us. It's all simple stuff, but it's effective.
Sennen: We're all into old stuff like Oasis, Ramones and shit like that. That kind of takes us back to the question about bands holding back... of course they are. They'll have one good album and then the second will just be radio friendly. It needs a band to set it all apart and give a message... don't be just saying shit about what you've done with your day. You need to provoke a feeling in your audience.
Joe: The majority of bands nowadays are all the same. They all just sound the same.
Sennen: They're all rich and I've got holes in my trousers.

What are the hopes, dream and future plans for Sounds like a Storm?
Sennen: Glastonbury main stage.
Joe: To have the money to buy my own drum symbols!
Sennen: Short term... get some alright gear. Long term... escape poverty and then take it as big as it's going to go. We want to be the biggest we can be and play arenas and just be one of those bands that don't die. Like Stereophonics... they're on their 10th album. I want to be like that where it's just your job for the rest of your life. That's all I could ask for.

Are you working on new music at the moment, then?
Sennen: We don't really focus too much on writing... we'll go in the studio and we'll go 'Time for a new one?' But yeah, we have some things in the works! But for now... check out 'Emission!'
Joe: And get yourself to The Wardrobe on March 24th while you're at it!

'Emission' had such a good reception... you must be pretty pleased with that?
Sennen: Yeah, which is what I most wanted for the first single. It's got to be something that's gonna stamp your foot. You don't want to release a song and then the second one be completely different... you want to set your tone. We've done alright considering we're just four dickheads from a council estate. I'm alright with that! We're getting good gigs and alright reviews.
Cornish: In less than a year as well.
Sennen: That just shows how fast it's all going. It's non stop, but that's just how we like it.

Listen to 'Emission' here:

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