Sunday, 11 September 2016

Single Review: Fear In A Bottle ~ EDGAR DUKE

There's just something about Edgar Duke that I really, really love. Whenever I see them live, what immediately gets me about them is the fun and dynamic performances, and that same energy can too be found in their studio recordings. The band, a jewel in the crown of the ever impressive Leeds music scene, is made up of Tom O'Reilly (vocals and guitar), James Raymond (drums) and Luke Strange (bass).

Their new single 'Fear In A Bottle' is three glorious minutes of gritty and extremely stylish rock and roll. It's quite heavy, but it works; Tom's vocals are sharp and forceful throughout, and I love how you can hear his Yorkshire accent in certain areas of the song. Instrumentally, the track is unwavering, edgy and exciting with it's rip-roaring guitar hooks, tenacious bass lines and resolute drum beats. I definitely think it's their strongest work to date, and if this is a sign of the musical direction in which this band are headed in then I think we all ought to be incredibly excited about what's to come.

Have a listen for yourself; trust me, it's the best decision you'll make today:

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