Monday, 11 July 2016

Single Review: Maybe I... ~ THE SHANTICS

The Shantics are a high energy London based four piece comprised of brothers Jimmy and Harry Morris, Rob Wheeler and Nubby Vine. The band have been playing together for a year or so, but "Maybe I..." is their first official release. With its' catchy hooks and their unwavering consistency as musicians, I think they're definitely ones to watch in the very near future and could quite well find themselves the name on everyones' lips in the months and years to come. There already seems to be a bit of a buzz surrounding them, which is exciting indeed for a band who are just coming out with their first single.

I like standout, dynamic tunes that have the ability to draw you in from the first note and it's safe to say that this track DEFINITELY fits that category. With its infectious guitar riffs, the introduction alone is fast paced and captivating and I instantly found myself understanding what they're are all about- which is eclectic rock & roll with just a hint of pop to boot. The lyrics are memorable, particularly the chorus, and as a whole the track is full to the brim with charm and charisma. It's definitely something you can imagine having a little dance to on a night out. 'Maybe I...' is out now, and you can have a listen to it below:

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