Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Live Review: CARVELLA ~ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds - 04.06.16

There's something inexplicably intriguing about Carvella. The band, who have been playing together for over 3 years, have sealed their place as one of Leeds' most respected up and coming bands and seeing them live it's not difficult to see why. They have a BIG sound, and everything they do is done with real ease and style.

I always enjoy gigs put on by This Feeling, and Belgrave Music Hall is one of my all time favourite venues. Carvella were the third band of the night, following fantastic sets from Edgar Duke and White Room. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Carvella is their chemistry, which I think definitely contributes to their confident performances; at certain points throughout their set, I feel as if they're looking to one another for encouragement but that is by no means a bad thing. If anything, it shows how well gelled they are as a band.

The band kick off proceedings with "Who's Looking Back". Vocals from frontman Tom Pritchard are atmospheric and brooding throughout; he has one of those voices that is instantly recognisable, and sounds just as strong live as it does on studio recordings of their music. Every song is met with exhuberant cheers from their audience, but latest release 'Born & Raised' is one of the biggest crowd pleasers of their set. I was delighted to hear one of their older tracks, 'Shoot The Moon', which was the song that initially got me into this band a couple of years ago.

All in all, the band pull off a dynamic, watertight performance. Already having played at Live At Leeds, their next festival venture will be to play at the Isle of Wight this week alongside acts such as Little Comets and Yak on the Jack Rocks/This Feeling stage. This is a band with obvious drive and determination, and I get the feeling that they'll find themselves at the top of the bill in years to come.

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  1. Look, I know I'm your mate John, but this is a lovely piece of writing in itself. Hell, you almost are convincing me to go to a few more gigs!! 'Spec.