Sunday, 15 May 2016

Single Review: Real ~ CONFLARE

Admittedly, Castleford isn't the coolest place in the world, but in the very near future, I think Conflare look set to put it on the map once and for all. Made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Toby Hanmore, guitarist/vocalist Dan Watson, bassist Sam Wilkinson & drummer Ethan Bradley, this band are a high energy quartet with heaps of potential, obvious enthusiasm for what they do, and best of all- an apt ability to create the ultimate guitar fuelled, atmospheric rock anthem.
This was the first time I'd listened to their music, and I gained an almost instantaneous respect for them as artists. For a band so young, they have the airs and graces of someone with many years of experience and success under already their belt. Brand new single Real is a powerhouse. Sometimes, with new music, it takes me one or two listens to truly 'get' what I'm listening to- but the song they sent over to me is just superb, and I loved it straight away. My first thought was that I can definitely imagine hearing this on the radio; it's filled with promise, and oozes confidence and commercial appeal. Forceful and driving from the word go, there's no lengthy musical introduction here, for we're introduced almost immediately to Hanmores' rich and expressive vocals, which are consistent throughout. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the lyrics- and the way in which they're delivered with such brutal honesty and conviction. Everything about this track is extraordinarily profound, and shows off each band members' talents and abilities with felicitous clarity.

Photo by Tim Hilling-Smith

Having formed in 2012, they already clearly have a great deal of experience in the music industry already, because they have such a polished sound. Definitely a band to watch, I think, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them. Check out the official music video for Real here, and have a listen to some more of their material over on their Soundcloud page.

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