Wednesday, 4 May 2016

EP Review: The End's The Start Where We Begin ~ The 48k's

Doncaster based band The 48k's have been making music together since late 2009, but admittedly I'd never listened to their music until I was sent over their brand new EP to review. The band is made up of frontman Ryan Lightfoot, rhythm guitarist Simon Katuszonek, lead guitarist Steven Dale, bass guitarist Adam Golightly and drummer Chris Morris. Theirs is a name I've heard of before through mutual friends, and I could kick myself for not having gotten into their work much sooner- to say what they do is notable would be an understatement. I was instantly impressed by the obvious level of professionalism within their music; each track displays a strong, engaging rhythm, backed up by the rich and distinctive vocals of frontman, Ryan. There's something delightfully old sounding about this band both in terms of instrumentation and vocals. It reminds me of that classic 60's era rock and roll, which I just love. When I first pressed play, I was reminded of The Beatles- a comparison which I feel sure the band have perhaps heard before.

Opening track "Do As I Say" is a towering musical attack, and it's absolutely brilliant. Sharp and commanding lyrics as well as stellar guitar riffs throughout give the song a somewhat dark feel, but that is by no means a bad thing. This track has honesty and passion in abundance, and is undoubtedly a raw and concise account of the songwriters' emotions at the time of writing the song.

"Out Of Time" is my favourite from this EP. I listened to it a few times on repeat, and with every listen I became all the more taken aback by just how monumental a track it is. Melodious guitars, and a memorable chorus will assuredly make this one particularly popular at live shows. The song is delivered well and with that immense confidence that I've come to expect of them as a band, just from listening to them for the very first time through this EP.

Third track "Return The Favour" is considerably softer than the first two. It's rich and romantic, and as a new listener it's great for me to be able to hear the band somewhat 'stripped back' as this shows how versatile they can be as musicians and leaves me all the more eager to hear more of their previous work to see how it compares. This song has a certain vulnerability to it, which I like. It's certainly pleasant to listen to, and I find it quite relaxing.

The EP ends on a high with "Take It In", a dynamic number reminiscent once again of times gone by due to its 60's era feel. It has a somewhat soothing quality to it, and the lyrics are inspiring and positive. I've quickly become aware of this bands' wonderful ability to draw you in with snappy, stylish choruses and this one is no different. I particularly like how this chorus consists of the EP title itself, making it all the more enduring and memorable.

This is a band who clearly settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to the deliverance of their music. They have some pretty impressive support slots under their belt, having played alongside acts such as The Enemy, Reverend & the Makers and The View. They're compelling artists with that unique ability to truly tell a story through their lyrics and they make it so easy for the listener to associate with them. Musically, all four tracks on this release are thought provoking, honest and well put together. I hope to catch them live sometime soon, so that I can really appreciate these songs in all of their glory.

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