Thursday, 19 May 2016

An Interview with GLASS CAVES ~ 14.05.16

On Saturday evening I found myself in a church courtyard in Yorks' gothic and extraordinarily beautiful city centre with Pontefracts finest exports, Glass Caves. After having relentlessly toured their debut album 'Alive', they're now hard at work on their second, which from the new music the band have introduced at recent gigs looks set to be another roaring success. I always enjoy spending time with this band, not only because they're from my hometown and I'm extremely proud of them and their achievements, but also due to their absolutely wicked sense of humour. I had a chat with them all before their gig at Fibbers in York and one thing is for sure, there's never a dull moment with them around!

When and how did you first come together as a band? 
Matthew: Connor and Elliot were already a band, and they saw me covering Damien Rices' Cannonball on YouTube, and they were like 'do you fancy singing for a band?' I said sure why not, I'll give it a crack.
Elliott: Voice of an angel, I was like we have to get this guy in!
: So they allowed me to be in the band, and then we got a synth player who's not with us anymore.
Will: He's not dead!
Matthew: And then we got Will about 3 years ago now.
Will: They just found me running around.
Connor: He used to sleep outside Woolworths, then when that closed down he lost his bed.

What are you all listening to at the moment?
Matthew: I'm addicted to the new Tame Impala album. That's about it for me, if I'm bored I listen to that.
Connor: I'm listening to The War On Drugs at the moment, enjoying the vibes.
Will: I quite like the Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats album, that's pretty good.
Elliott: Blossoms, for me.

Of the new songs that you've been playing at recent gigs, which do you think has had the best reception from your audiences?
Matthew: 'Alive' obviously, because they've got a connection to it, they've heard it before. But surprisingly we've had reaction from acoustic videos of 'Swim' and 'I Do', people singing those back and its only the third or fourth time we've played it live which is madness but we can't complain, it's amazing.

Do you have a personal favourite of your new songs? If so, why? 
Connor: I do. It's 'I Do'.
Matthew: I like 'Alive' just because it's getting a good response, it always feels good when people are loving tunes.
Will: I quite like 'Swim'.

Is Album 2 complete yet? What can you tell us about it so far? 
Matthew: Album 2 is like 80% of the way there, I think we just need another 2 or 3 killer tunes. It's gonna be a masterpiece! Hopefully we'll have it out as soon as possible... which could mean 7 months!

What's been your best ever live music experience?
Elliott: Mine's The Strokes. They did Dingwalls in Camden, which only holds like 400 people.
Connor: Mine's Bon Iver I think, at o2 Academy in Leeds. It was mindblowingly good, just amazing.
Matthew: I can't think. But the best festival I went to was Rock Werchter in Belgium. It had like every band I've ever wanted to see live. It was the best line up that year, it was just insane. Warm weather and great music.
Will: I think last year when we saw Fleetwood Mac at Isle of Wight festival, that was pretty good. They had all fireworks go off at the end, and I drank my bodyweight in Jack Daniels.

What's your songwriting process? Do you all play a part, or does just one of you write the lyrics?
Matthew: It varies. There's times when Connor has written a belter and you don't even need to touch it. Usually we get a good idea and we bring it together and just flesh it out, and then you get the tunes that you see. 

Finally- I want you all to tell me a funny fact or memory about someone else in the band... 
Matthew: Can I tell them Will, that you've got 3 nipples?
Will: I don't have 3 nipples.
Matthew: Elliott sleeps with his eyes open.
Will: Sometimes one of his eyes goes wonky in photos too, that's pretty funny.
Elliott: It's just what I am.

These guys all have an amazing sense of humour, and I was in stitches the entire interview. Just as I thought the night couldn't get any better, as stage time approached the venue darkened and on came 'Circle Of Life' from The Lion King! Definitely an unexpected choice of walk on song, but this is the kind of people Glass Caves are, always full of surprises!


  1. Good Piece. Love The Glass Caves, many a time I've stood or sat with my kids watching them busking in York. Always friendly and approachable, hopefully going places . I bought their album a couple of months ago, makes my painful commute to Leeds a little easier. Kids love them too. Keep up the good work GC's.

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