Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Live Review: GLASS CAVES / SILVER WILSON / THE DOLDRUMS ~ Brudenell Social Club, 14.04.16

I've lost count of the number of times I've seen Glass Caves live; their shows never fail to impress, and over the years they've become one of my all time favourite live acts. I always feel insanely proud to be able to say that they are originally from my hometown, Pontefract- which is also where I saw them live for the very first time, back in 2013 at Crooked Ways Festival. Put together Glass Caves, and one of the best small live venues in the country Brudenell Social Club and you have yourself a perfect night.

The night began with local band and all around musical powerhouse, The Doldrums, who admittedly I was just as excited to see as the main act after having been a fan for almost a year. I first saw these boys supporting October Drift at Oporto back in May 2015 and I instantly knew they were special. It's been a few months since I last caught them live; now even more polished and audacious than ever before the band sailed confidently through an 8 song set made up mostly of new songs which from speaking to Harry they're all ridiculously proud of- and rightly so. They've seriously upped their game of late, proving themselves as a hard working, spirited and ambitious young band who are serious about showcasing their art and making a name for themselves on the Leeds music scene. Music aside, they're clearly a tight unit and their visibly strong friendships provide the fantastic foundations of a potentially hugely successful band. You can catch these guys live this coming Friday where they'll be playing Verve Bar (free entry) Leeds for the wonderful Mick, Chantel & Sam over at Double Denim Live.

(l-r) Chris Robb, Harry Jordan, Josh Langley & Ollie Trevers of The Doldrums

The second support act of the evening was Nottingham based three piece, Silver Wilson. I'd never heard of this band until the day of the gig and so didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised; catchy, foot-tapping music brought to life by smooth, confident vocals- these guys have a distinct sound of bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Coasts, and Circa Waves. They're engaging performers, and the kind of band you can foresee a bright future for when it comes to radio airplay; there's certainly something commercially appealing about their sound and I can imagine them becoming quite popular on the festival circuit sometime soon. Every song was well received by the crowd, and the day after the gig I headed over to the boys' soundcloud to check out some of their material. You can check it out here.

Glass Caves' headline set was comprised mostly of brand new music, with a few old favourites thrown in much to the delight of the crowd. Being front row, I could truly appreciate the phenomenal atmosphere in the room that night. New single Alive was particularly well received. Its a big track, and pays homage to their much loved debut album of the same title which the band have toured relentlessly since its release in 2014. Despite the fact that the song only hit the airwaves at the end of March, the audience sung every word back at frontman Matthew Hallas-and what a frontman he is; amusing and entertaining, I always find that I enjoy Glass Caves' gigs just that little bit more because of his interaction with the crowd.
The seemingly effortless way in which the band create such incredible songs and perform them to a live audience with such vigour, style and proffesionalism has left them with a loyal fanbase who turned out in force to hear snippets of their forthcoming new album. A number of the new tracks are known to audiences from the last tour, my personal favourite being Swim; uplifting and memorable, the track represents everything I love about this band, and leaves me unbelievably excited for what's to come. The band draw the night to a close with three well known album tracks, Why Stay, Be Together and epic finale Out of Control which comes after a short encore. It's a reminder of the pure brilliance of their debut album; the songs are timeless and have the audience dancing and singing every word. No one can argue the fact that this is a band made up of some of the most talented musicians this country has on offer. They have the air of a band who have been around for decades, and an infectious energy and enthusiasm that leaves you desperate to see them live again and again. I can't wait to see them again on the 14th of May at Fibbers, in York.

(l-r) Connor Thorpe, Matthew Hallas, Elliot Fletcher & Will Groves of Glass Caves

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